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Feb 19, 2013 7:00am EST
not add up. it is -- >> it is 12:00 noon here, 7:00 a.m. in london, and in south africa different stories have been appearing in court. he broke down crying after hearing the story of the premeditated murder of his girlfriend. the prosecutor told the court that he had got up from bed, put on his prosthetic legs, walked to the bathroom and shot his crow friend through the door. with the latest details, here is naomi. >> oscar pistorius was in court today. the pair lived decathlete sobbed into his hands as he listened to the arguments about whether he should get bail. prosecutors gave more detail of what they say happened last night. they'll age that -- they allege that he woke up, put on his prosthetic leg, and fired his gun to the bathroom door. of the four shots, three hit his girlfriend. the defense lawyers declare that the shooting was accidental. meanwhile is a state of mourning in the postal -- coastal town of port elizabeth. the deceased's family spoke briefly after the funeral. >> at a certain point, we were smiling as we remembered her. because we only have good memories of her. i
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am EST
the two nations. we'll have the latest on his trip from dehli. >> and it's still london's fashion week, yes, strutting its stuff, but how luxury brands are faring. we talk to ceo angela aarons. we'll hear from her later in the show. >>> and taking the positive u.s. housing numbers from the nhab numbers. we'll be in new york with analysis at 11:45 cet. >> the italian election race is heating up. there is less than a week before voters head to the polls. comedian turns politician beppe grillo, in fact, is owes closing in on sylvia berlusconi for second place. official polls can no longer be published. the private polls seen by reuter s suggest mario monti may, in fact b with be something of a spoiler. >> and the election largely coming down to five key candidates. the front-runner is bersani. he's the leader of the center left pd party, calling for growth measures alongside monte's plan. sylvia berlusconi is threatening to make a political comeback despite corruption scandals. we've mentioned the comedian beppe grillo. at the same time, the former caretaker mario monti, he's been struggl
Feb 21, 2013 4:00am EST
. and his speech in london was definitely a discontinuity point. i think he is what -- he impersonates the kind of leadership that we need in europe, someone that is, i would say, multicultural and that has a very clear perception of the global reality. while most of politicians in europe are purely domestic and, therefore, do not fully appreciate that we are competing in a global world. however, mario draghi sits in frankfurt and we need to implement reforms here and italians have to take charge of that, for that. and it's very interesting because you're referring to margaret thatcher in the uk and schroeder in germany. in continental europe, perhaps it is easier for center left coalitions to push forward with structural reforms because they can get the buyin of a larger segment of the population. >> do you think by doing what mario draghi has done he's actually given italy the stability no matter what happens at the election in order to pass through these reforms? he controls the market, in a sense? >> well, that is a very important form of insurance. the results are another one that
Feb 5, 2013 9:00am PST
citizen is in a combat area. not even -- they can't do it in the streets of london. the memo talks about in a place that is essentially a war zone. >> but we don't have a declared war against these places. >> we do have authorization of use of military force against al qaeda. that's -- >> the zones. >> those are the areas. you know, yemen, afghanistan, formerly iraq, that's where we use those powers. but you talk about your phone calls, you have a -- they need a warrant to listen to your phone calls in the united states. but if you call yemen, they don't need a warrant. >> they can listen. what about mali, is that considered to be a place where, if you're planning an attack against me and you're safe, from i don't know, poughkeepsie, they can take you out there? >> the memo doesn't deal with na directly but you can bet the answer is yes. mali -- anywhere where we think al qaeda might be active and there's a war zone, which mali is, would be covered. >> i have to wrap it up. define imminent. >> i can't. >> you can't. >> and it's imminent is not like an hour or a day. the memo defines immi
Feb 5, 2013 5:00am EST
at the tower of london. now, though, 500 years later, he gets a measure of revenge. finally he is the center of attention. for royal historians like sally dickinson smith, it's history come alive. >> it's a fascinating murder mystery. all of richard's life that we can still find archaeology like that and particularly under a municipal car park, i think that's fabulous. >> reporter: the king in the parking lot, history dug up and maybe rewritten. mark philips, cbs news, london. >> richard iii fell at the battle of bosworth ending the war of the ruses [ inaudible ] -- war of the roses [ inaudible ] >> you should have heard andrea and mike. >> i love this play. >>> we thank you for
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
and soho earnings out of china. htc and mediatex report fourth quarter numbers. >>> back here in london, the jpmorgan trade known as the london well reportedly tried to warning others at the bank months before they led to losses of more than $6 billion. "the wall street journal" citing e-mails reviewed by a senate panel and jpmorgan and say bruno told another trader last january that the size of his bet wag getting scary. managers didn't stop his trades until march. the senate panel is examining whether the bank failed to disclose crucial information to its primary regulator. >>> and talking of wales, we have another discovery in the uk. slightly different nature, this, and it might leave one british man with a hundred thousand pound payday. 50-year-old ken willman stumbled upon a clump of whale vomit while walking his dog. he initially thought it was a football. but picked it up and noticed a foul smell. he then told sinus that a company offered to pay him 50,000 for the vomit which is used to make perfume. but companies in thailand offered up to 4 times that amount. i'm not sure how y
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
. genealogists worked tirelessly to track richard's lineage to the modern day and ended up here in london. a canadian carpenter was a 17th generation descendant of richard iii. >> my mother gave a dna sample in 2004, she died in 2008. and when they launched the date back in the end of august, they asked me to provide a new sample, just because the testing process had become a bit more complex. >> reporter: if his dna matched that of the bones in the car park, richard iii's burial place would have been found more than 500 years after his death. and that's what happened. >> it is the conclusion of the university of lester that beyond reasonable doubt the individual exhumed at gray fryers september 2012 is indeed richard iii. >> reporter: richard's first funeral may have passed by undocumented and forgotten. but after a 500-year wait, he is now set for reburial, fit for a king, the lester cathedral, courtesy of modern day followers. max foster, cnn, london. >> want to bring in richard quest from london, not to be confused with richard iii. richard, why is everybody fascinated about the story
Feb 5, 2013 11:00am EST
in the opening day of the super g event at the alpine ski world championships. joining me from london is christina mcfarland, host of cnn's alpine edge. i'm joined on the telephone by john meyer, who is a sports columnist with the denver post and also a collaborator on lindsey vonn's blog. christine, let me start with you. the nuts and bolts about this race and what happened on the slopes that had her being taken away by helicopter. >> reporter: that's right, ashleigh. i managed to see the video of her fall about half an hour ago. i can tell you it looked pretty nasty her right knee seemed to buckle underneath her as she went down in the competition. which is a shame. this is the -- lindsay has won this four times in a row, she would have been confident going into today. the video i saw earlier, it looked like a very serious crash. the athletes who were waiting for her at the bottom of the run were astounded looking up and watching this unfold on the top of the course. as you say, she was air lifted to the hospital. and as you say it's been reported she has a complex knee injury. this
Feb 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
. >> she attended a charity event in london this morning. royal watchers were excited to see the babe eye bump. -- baby bump. the royal baby isn't due until july, still plenty of time. >> yes. >> a texas woman celebrated valentine's day by giving birth to two sets of identical twin boy autos this isaápq rem k remarkable. odds are 70 million to one. the 36-year-old delivered four boys at 31 weeks in a houston hospital they're not quadruplets because two boys shared one placenta, other two shared another. she chose a unique way to name the boys starting with a. >> our 2-year-old boy we thought let's get a vegas theme going on. we decided to go with6m& ace, blaine, cash and dylan. >> easier to remember that way. abcd. >> she did not use fertility drugs just hoping for a brother or sister for their 2-year-old son. dad says now despite having five boys he still wants a girl. if i'm ter reesea, i'm running. >> yes we'll see how handling five goes. >> yes. ñ perhaps deciding ? you know? four more. >> wow. >> just five days big stars will mark the world's largest red carpet there is in the goi
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
in london. so you have a live trade in it at the moment. many people are puzzled as to why this stock has only lost now 4% of its value globally. and you have to understand how big carnival is, how well run and is well respected it is within the investment community. this is a huge stock. it has a 30 billion market cap, far bigger than most other stocks within the t&l sector. and on tuesday night when they warned and they did, they had an 8k warning, they said this could cost us 8 to 10 cents earnings per share. that's only 4% of their expected profitability for the entire year. most analysts on average have a buy recommendation. it's a gravy dividend play and, of course, they're so well insured. that's the other thing. if you look back at where we are this time last year, you know, when they have the tragedy off the coast of italy with the concordia, 32 people were actually killed. that isn't happening this time around. but then it was. and they came through and they said, look, we have a $30 million deductible on the ship, a $10 million deductible on the third party insurance and a mont
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am EST
will prosecute. >> and it looks like markets are expecting the boj to buy on the london engine, but what about buying overseas? we've seen them indicate support for the esm or maybe looking at peripheral european sovereign debt which interestingly enough, europe is probably appreciative of the fact that someone is buying into the industry. but nevertheless, how aggressive might japan be about buying outside its shores in order to help weaken the yen? >> again, this is probably something that will get a clear picture after the -- will have his first meeting with the boj in march. i agree with you, there tends to be a more aggressive move towards european assets. having said so, i do not know if we will see drastic moves on interest rates overall. let's not forget on the debt side of the japan that most of the debt is in the hands of domestic investors that usually have less demand to increase interest rates for the environment suggest so. >> okay. marco -- >> so at the end of the day, i don't see increase of interest expense drastic for japan in the medium term. >> right, right. well, that's th
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Feb 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
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Feb 5, 2013 6:00am PST
, london, should san francisco be on the list? the new effort the mayor is launching to make the city by the way the host of the summer olympic games. >> coming up first the super bowl blackout put a black eye on the superdome and officials for the new 49er stadium say it could not happen here. >> bay area traffic as bad as los angeles. it is true. a study confirms that and showing how much we spend in >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> you got it all sorts out over there? >> after shuffling the papers we are ready to go at 6:30 on tuesday morning. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> and now to mike nicco, our meteorologist. >> cloud cover and mild temperatures, good morning. no need to worry about wet weather this morning we are showing dry conditions. about 48 hours from now, we will have radar returns tracking rain for thursday and friday. today, we will break it down region by region. the bay is cloudy and hazy through 7:00. mostly cloudy at noon and mid-to-upper 40's and by 4:00, we will partly sunny and less sunshine that yesterday and mid-50
Feb 5, 2013 11:30pm PST
benefits to same-sex partners. that act is currently on the supreme court docket for spring. >>> in london the british house of commons voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. the vote was 100 to 175. it was the first step toward allowing same-sex couples to marry. half of the members of the conservative party either obstainde or voted against it. >>> in acapulco men raped six women. violence linked to cartel is on the increase but usually tourists have been spared in that resort city. >>> in canada, say goodbye to the penny. the royal canadian mint stock distributing the penny. they say the coins just cost too much to make. businesses are now being urged to start rounding prices to the nearest nickels. some people are turning pennys into art or useful things like buttons. >>> two state lawmakers introduced legislation that would require gun owners to have special liability insurance to cause damages or injuries caused by their weapons. gun owners who take gun safety classes or keep their guns lock up would get insurance breaks. >>> and a grass roots group and local law enforcement
Feb 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
on the supreme court docket for spring. >>> in london the british house of commons voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. the vote was 100 to 175. it was the first step toward allowing same-sex couples to marry. half of the members of the conservative party either obstainde or voted against it. >>> in acapulco men raped six women. violence linked to cartel is on the increase but usually tourists have been spared in that resort city. >>> in canada, say goodbye to the penny. the royal canadian mint stock distributing the penny. they say the coins just cost too much to make. businesses are now being urged to start rounding prices to the nearest nickels. some people are turning pennys into art or useful things like buttons. >>> two state lawmakers introduced legislation that would require gun owners to have special liability insurance to cause damages or injuries caused by their weapons. gun owners who take gun safety classes or keep their guns lock up would get insurance breaks. >>> and a grass roots group and local law enforcement on the peninsula are joining forces to get guns off the s
Feb 11, 2013 1:00pm EST
's kelly evans in london. and senior editor, john carnie. welcome to the program. jc penney ron johnson stands accused of not working as hard as predecessors, this lunch time, while luxury hotels on the company dime. >> i probably spend more time with our team creating our future than any ceo america spend with their team. if you talk to them, you would see that. when i'm out here, i start 6, 7:00 in the morning everyday. go late. and we are in stores every week. in our prototype every week. in design meetings. i think they are kind of happy when i get way so they get time to do what we talked about. where i live has no impact on the quality of our execution. >> the way the guy spend his time is being requested is an indication that things are not as they might be. >> i think there's absolutely a sign here. the stock was doing well. nobody would care. but in ron johnson's defense, when you travel a lot, he is probably doing a lot of meetings in his hotel room. i know when i travel and you say, i need an extra room, conference room, some place where i can meet, sometimes all can you do t
Feb 6, 2013 6:00am EST
's higher by 84 -- there we go. it's lower by 61 for wti. brent at 116, n london, lower by 28 cents. the ten-year note. yielding 1.99%. a gain of .8 point. we may have to learn all that stuff if we go back to, you know, trading in fifths at the stock exchange. and then the yen at a 34-month low against the euro and also against the dollar. the head of the central bank has got to leave three weeks earlier than expected. that's leading to more expectations of faster and quantitative easing. gold at 16.69 per ounce. steve? >>> time for the global markets report. who better than kelly evans, standing by in london. kelly? >>> steve, good morning. i just want to pick up on what michelle said. she was talking about what's happening with the nikkei. all i want to show you today is basically forex. this base is driving so much of the return, so much of the trade across the globe. the dollar/yen, 93.66. flirting with the 94 level. we had jeffrey on from ubs saying this could go to 100 in the next couple of months' time. what is that doing for the nikkei? up 3.8% today. a lot of people saying if you th
Feb 5, 2013 11:00am PST
of serious knee injury. let's go to london and talk more about this with cnn's christina mcfarland. what happened? >> well, for anyone that might have seen the video earlier of the crash, brooke, it really was horrific. she seemed to buckle on her right knee as she was going down the super g race, just as she came over a jump. and had to be airlifted to hospital. so it is a serious crash. and a fairly serious injury. we were able to speak to her accident surgeon just earlier and he told us that she's torn two ligaments in her right knee, she doesn't require an immediate operation, but the u.s. ski team are deciding whether or not to airlift her, take her back to the united states right now, so her season is over. >> i'm no lindsey vonn, i tore my acl skiing in colorado and let me tell you, that rehab is not fun, especially if it is your lifetime, your work, your career. christina mcfarland, thank you. >>> a group of spanish tourist were vacationing in beautiful acapulco, mexico, when the unthinkable happened. the middle of the night, sound asleep, a group of armed and hooded men burst in
Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
times" book review. >>> the group of 30 convening in london earlier this morning. this is a group of former central bankers and leaders in financial worlds. key topics were the supply of long-term capital to support long-term investment. for more we're joined by lord adair turner, chairman of the financial services authority and a member of the group of 30. thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. or good afternoon just in london. >> yes, absolutely. good afternoon to you. we really want to talk about all the news that you have created in the last week, because you're talking about helicopter money. that we should remove the taboo of monetization, just a lot more printing, am i oversimplifying it? >> only slightly. i mean, the idea that governments and central banks should not finance deficits with money is one of the great taboos in economics. one of the interesting things about it is if you go back to what milton friedman wrote in 1948 or what henry simons, one of the founding fathers of the chicago school wrote in 1936, they believed that it was the obvious thing to do t
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
, to consider a big investment in bringing london's "faphantom" to broadwa. >> black monday. the worst day ever on wall street. the dow lost 508 points in one day. >> with wall street crashing, jim and his business partner invested half a million dollars to help bring the $8 million musical "phantom" to broadway. >> and then it turned out to be something unbelievable, extraordinary. >> but what a day that must have been to put this together on a day that the market was down so much. what i have learned is those investors who want to bet on broadway do it because they love it. they want to be there. they are not expecting a huge return. the most successful shows have been those with a story. not necessarily with a big superstar or over the top production. don't miss my special tonight, it premieres on cnbc, 9:00 p.m. before we go tonight, let's look at the day on wall street. a downer today. we pulled back from 14,000, which we hit on friday. nasdaq gave up 48 points and the s&p 500 down about 18 points. have a great night, everybody. see you tomorrow on "the closing bell." stay with cnbc. "fast
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
came after you were, went to sequoia. so you're in london. you talk to the man a the dailtime anhe says i would go to america. that is where i would go. >> yeah. >> rose: so you come here. >> i came here and i couldn't afford to come here. so i applied for a bunch of scholarships to american universities and luckily enough got one that took me to the university of pennsylvania. >> rose: wharton. >> well, actually, no. not originally. it was for a masters in history. and then i wasn't too happy with the first few weeks of that program. and was wondering what else to do. because i knew i wanted to be in america. and they were very kind and let me transfer into the business school. but the very best thing that happened to me there was having-- being in a class with the author philip roth. so my binding memory of the university of pennsylvania is being introduced to philip roth and he had these people like norman mailer and other people who would come through the class a that s just fantastic. >> rose: you make your way to "time" magazine. >> yes. >> rose: and you write about steve jobs. >>
Feb 19, 2013 7:00am EST
for "rock center with brian williams" and covered oscar pistorius for nbc sports at the london liolympics. mary, good morning. good to see you. >> good to see you, david. the nation is so divided on so many levels. this man was a hero, an idol to so many people. i was one of those people who put a halo over his head like so many others. now he's doing a perp walk. it's so hard to reconcile. >> what is the mood like? it's got to be all anyone is talking about. >> reporter: it is all over this entire country. obviously, you know, reeva steenkamp, her memorial service was today in port elizabeth. here in johannesburg, since early morning demonstrators from the asc women's league holding placards saying things like oscar pistorius should rot in hell. these are people who embraced this man in so many ways and now they want to see him -- basically they want to see him go away, go to prison. again, it's still surreal for someone like me. i spent about a week with him here last summer for "rock center." he was heralded a hero. i went through his house where this horrible tragedy took place and, s
Feb 5, 2013 9:00am EST
for one of the most popular players to come back to italy. and he said, and the london economists know that that they could provide him with 300,000 or 400,000 votes. >> we don't know what's going to m happen, that's the scary thing. >> melissa, what's coming up today. >> disney, zinga and-europe will be the rally killer. that's also tonight at 5:00. >> here's what you missed earlier this morning. >> welcome to hour three of "squawk on the street." here's what's happening so far. >> you grow 7% a year, that means you double your money every 10 years, that means if the stock market is 1,400 now, it could be 28,000 in 10 years and 50,000 in 20 years. >> we're dealing in the virgin media deals, these are big deals and i think they put a floor on the market. >> 1365 in cash. >> $24.4 billion, 37% premium and the release, acquired by emichael dell. >> it's going to be months, whether it's four months, five months, i think they need anti- trust approval. this is going to take a while before it closes. >> the emerging market opens. >> we think that the public markets are not giving the compan
Feb 20, 2013 4:00am EST
bureaucracy and paying more to get a u.k. visa just to come to london for two or tree days? >> right. -- or three days? >> right. why isn't britain part of the system in. >> there are lots of reasons, but if i give an analogy, the mexican government last year decided that if you had a u.s. visa, if you fought your way through the u.s. visa mechanism to get a u.s. visa, that was good enough for the mexicans. you didn't have to get a separatea. that's all i'm asking that china consider. they're a big market, there's estimates of losing two billion pounds a year through retail outlets. chinese tourists big spenders. >> at a time when they're looking for any way to increase growth why not pursue this obvious one? >> when chinese come, they come in groups. at the moment, they're not coming to the u.k. if you look in the reverse direction in beijing and shanghai shanghai,they've decided people can go without a visa. they're trying to encourage them to stop on the way to somewhere else, but the u.k. is not listening to the approach. >> when we look at the olympics, that was such a way for b
FOX Business
Feb 11, 2013 1:00pm EST
. they have done dances with the lse, the london stock exchange. done dances with trying to go after the new york stock exchange in a hostile bid. that was shot down by regulate, to. now they're kind of out there alone. we know the new york stock exchange just teamed up with the intercontinental exchange. that's a big player. now it is clear that nasdaq has to do something. one of those somethings we were first to report earlier today was that nasdaq held what was described to us preliminary deal talks with the carlyle group, the big private equity firm essentially take nasdaq private. we report those talks broke down. what we got from some people involved in the deal that there was a disagreement over price. there was due diligence done but there was disagreement over price. i will tell you this. i have a sneaking suspicion what is much more than price. what i know about bob griefeld, the ceo of the nasdaq. he is very good manager. he is an amazing cost cutter but he wants to run whatever iteration nasdaq finds itself in future. when you go private this is different than a dell deal. this d
FOX Business
Feb 5, 2013 11:00am EST
of the blackberry ten launch. in london in the uk, it shows that the device sold out in 20 minutes at many big retailers. today in canada, they are already seeing record sales. we think we will be able to get our first crack on march 27. you can buy this device today. i checked on ebay. i checked out much it would cost. people said they did not like it at first, but the evidence is showing the contrary. not off to a good start for blackberry. connell: shibani in the newsroom. just back from toronto with her phone. dagen: like when you have been driving a ford pinto, even the crappy thing is a huge improvement. connell: let's go to nicole. nicole: happy ninth birthday to facebook. let's take a look at zynga. some positive comments from bank of america. it is up 5.8% right now. kellogg, the cereal company, all-time highs today. estÉe lauder, the customer spending quite freely. green mountain coffee roasters touching a nine-month high. it finally closes that gap. we are back to where we started. back to you. connell: people with a certain level. giving the boot to tax heavy states like californi
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> joe biden is in london for a meeting with david -- david cameron. the visit is the last type on biden's european tour which also included france and germany. >>> former governor jeb bush will be in the bay area. he's scheduled to speak at the paramount theater. this is part of the oakland speaker series. some analysts consider him a possible candidate for the presidential presidential nomination -- presidential nomination in 2016. >>> ihop is searching free pancakes for a good cause -- serving free pancakes for a good cause. ihops want customers to come in and enjoy a short stack of pancakes but in exchange they want you to make a donation for the children's miracle network hospital which includes oakland's network hospital. >> you may have to wait a little bit to get your free shortstack but we'll get it to you. >> the restaurant hopes to match last year's $3 million that was raised. pancakes will be given out until 10:00 tonight. >>> one of the biggest natural frozen foodmakers in the company is about to open a fast food restaurant in sonoma county. amy's kitchen just bought the lan
Feb 7, 2013 9:00am EST
hours before members of parliament in london today. in the past, he's promised quite exotic ideas of central banking, targeting nominal gdp. in daf ovos he was suggesting t moving forward he would bring ip fla inflation gradually to where it's supposed to be. but he was playing very much by the book to keep confidence in the boe and saying, look, let's just stick with what we know for now and talk about it. >> flexible inflation targeting, in my opinion, is the most successful monetary framework that has been in existence. so the bar for change to that framework, the overall framework, is very high. but i would note that there seems to be an appetite for some debate. >> from london, let's move to fram frankfurt, where it was the return of mario draghi at the european central bank, to hold his monthly news conference. there was some discussion at the beginning as to whether he was pushing back his expectations as to whether you might get the rebounding growth in europe from the second half of the year to sometime next year. i guess the big news is that he refused to take up the cha
Feb 6, 2013 4:00am EST
to reprivatize rbc. speaking in london, he's delivered a damning verdict on the handling of the bank. >>> and hsbc takes a turn in the hot seat appearing before the u.k. parliamentary commission on banking standards. hsbc's ceo, stuart gulliver and chairman douglas flint, giving comments as we speak. a couple of comments on the wire from them. flint i believe was saying that he supports the electrified fence that we heard george osborne unveil earlier that would effectively separate retail and investment banking for those banks that don't comply with the law. as we get other comments through from this as we have in previous days, we will bring you comments from that hearing. now earlier we asked you, yes, what monopoly token would you kick out. monopoly in the middle of updating its playing pieces. joann from michigan tweeted that she'd retire the beat-up old shoe and replace it with a louse vuitt vuitton. and another tweet, he'd give the shoe the boot. john, though, would rather get rid of the iron. he reiterates it's a great game. >> the iron? no, no, no. no, no, no, no. it stays.
Feb 6, 2013 9:00am EST
. there are a number others that have been big. the london business school of economics, several economists there put out a study overnight predicting worldwide stock returns for the next 20 to 30 years would average only 3% to 4%, bond returns only 1%. let's hope they get that one wrong. long-term prognostication, not that good here. looking good on boise cascade. >> housing, housing, housing. rick santelli in chicago. rick? >> thanks, jim. well, we continue in the fixed income market, treasuries at least, to march over the same ground quite a bit. if you look at a couple of day chart of 10s, we're continue to hover around 29% level. year-to-date chart, it shows you we're up about 20 basis points on the year so far. 176, 197, 21 basis points. now, if we continue to monitor what's going on with the foreign exchange market, let's start with the british pound against the dollar. you can see on this chart, that we're at six-month highs in favor of the green back. let's switch it around a little bit. let's take a look at how the pound seems to be faring against the yen. this is really fascinating. now, w
Feb 12, 2013 9:00am EST
, absolutely. currency wars front and center, particularly london, the world's major foreign exchange center. notice the stock markets are higher almost across the board. one of the major reasons the banks are rallying today, at the helm, barclays. unveiled a structureture to cut costs and rebalance the bank away from investment banking and the way consumer units grow organically much faster and return to internal equity of about 15%. the stock is up 18%. it continues to gain and dragging other banks in the uk and elsewhere and spain with it, and what the ceo had to say. >> we have to manage our capital very effectively and reduce our cost space and reduce the ratio of compensation to our net income. that's what we're talking about today. >> for the record, the average bonus investment banking at barclays is down 17% at $84,000. the big debate in europe remains on currencies, brussels, day two of the finance meeting and trying to put forward the idea somebody will doing something about the strength of the euro and the establishment saying it's about its long term average, no traction with th
Feb 5, 2013 6:00am EST
are up by about $2. 1,678.$1,678.40 an ounce. >> kelly evans is standing by in london. kelly. >> steve, good morning. we've had a lot of talk, a lot of earnings out this morning across europe. the market tone is better than yesterday, as you might expect. i can't say we've fully recouped our losses. markets are up about 0.6%. we can take a look at some of the major indexes. for the most part, it's green. the xetra dax down 1.6%. we saw declines in the range of 3% or more for some of these indexes yesterday. a lot of guests we've been speaking to on our program say they feel yesterday was more than of a pause than a start. a lot of people talking about taking profits in these markets. that's the conversation that's happening on both sides of the atlantic. on that note, i also want to show you what's going on nor the swiss market. ubs reported earnings today, ftse 100 adding about the same bp shares the last time we checked were trading to the up side after reporting earnings. let's take a look at what's happening with bp and ubs. still up 1.5%. we'll start off by giving you a sense of w
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am EST
. there are stocks that are already moving up in london on the basis they'll be able to capitalize on this. >> that is definitely true. thank you, simon. >> there is a mover in the gaining space. let's send it over to josh lipton at headquarters. >> well, here is one gaming stock actually on the move this morning. international game technology, enjoying a pop. analysts at arges have a price target of $20. they note the company's better than expected earnings over the past two quarters, and the fact that the current price, the stock looks cheap, they say, and doesn't reflect prospects for recovery in sales and gaming equipment. igt up 20% year-to-date. >> josh, thanks so much for that. becky quick escaping the oncoming winter storm here, and hiding out in pebble beach, california. yeah, she sat down with a number of very interesting people in the world of business and politics. notab notably, clint eastwood. i was hoping you would have one extra chair on set for that interview. >> no extra chairs this time around, carl. clint eastwood, dirty harry, he always speaks his mind, says exactly wh
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am EST
're spreading the spren trends and subcultures to the community. >> you have offices in london and soho. walk me through what you saw the need for the model was? what was the impetus for creating it? what vacuum did you see it feeli filling back then? >> sure. we saw more and more people buying fashion online but similar to the way they do it in the real world. there are tens of thousands of places to buy fashion online and each gives the consumer the same experience. we were trying to create a smart and personalized way to shop for fashion online and do that by bringing together inventories of hundreds of stores around the world from big boutiques to small brands and personalize it to users based on what they like using a social model. they can follow their favorite brands or bloggers or personalities. that means every feed each user gets is completely unique and more likes because they expressed their interest. >> you kept the walls fairly narrow. you point out if you like to go to the gym or mountain, you won't fine anything on lyst. if you want an h & m skirt, you will find it. how have you
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am EST
by in london. >> michelle, thanks. i wanted to turn your attention to right here barclay's up 4% today. this after the bank delivered its long awaited turn around plan. investors thought the plan was somewhat less aggressive when it came to restructuring the business than it might have expected. just swinging around, it's otherwise a generally quiet session. advancers outpacing decliners by about a three to two ratio. overnight, china is still closed. we closed all week to celebrate the lunar new year. but, again, let's take a look at what's been happening with shares of barclay's. so the investors saw a knee jerk reaction up 4% after the bank delivered 2012 earnings. came out and talked about his restructuring plan. the way it de-emphasized the investment bank under the new ceo anthony jenkins who came in in the middle of last year after the libor, after a series of the bank. analysts do have a series of concerns about the bank. its r. o.e. last year was up. >> i think the analysts haven't had a chance to digest what we're launching today because we haven't done the mess tagsz. so wha
Feb 13, 2013 9:00am EST
fund, investing in emerging markets. i knew that much of the personnel for the fund was based in london. i actually didn't know at the time what the address of the partnership was. >> and when did you divest? >> i divested in 2010, when i became omb director, and the fund was disclosed in all of my prior confirmations and all of my sf-278s. i'm not aware of any tax benefits i got from participating in the investment. >> but did you pay taxes on that investment? >> i reported all income related to the investment on my tax forms, i paid all my taxes. >> but did you earn taxes on that? >> i lost money on the investment so in fact i lost money which i didn't have a great deal of income. >> okay. thank you. senator hatcher? >> thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate it. following the financial crisis, many financial firms including citigroup have taken actions to improve their performance operations and responsibilities. my question is about citigroup to you mr. lew, related to the time you were there, and not to current citigroup operations. frankly, i do not believe that i have a good unders
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am EST
london, new york, tokyo, hong kong. that's what one world is about. and i think it really is the most powerful alliance in the industry. >> okay. selfishly for all the viewers who fly on you, what happens to our miles? and what credit card now are we going to have to use to get the miles? >> your miles, we'll combine the two programs, so if you happen to have miles in both programs you now combine those into a larger airline and you can use them on a larger airline. this is great for consumers in terms of your miles. >> just be valued at the same rate as the venezuelan bolivar, right? one for one? they're good? they're not being -- >> they're good. >> they're sinking like the yen. >> increasing in value. >> all right. okay. >> and finally i see you have the new american airlines logo behind you. the entire airline is going to be american now? you going to rebronze the whole thing? >> yeah, that's right. and in fact, we've got 60 brand-new airplanes coming this year. they'll come in the new livery and of course we're out launching new livery on the rest of our existing fleet. that's wh
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am EST
talking to you. >> okay. >> have you eaten at public foods ever over in london. >> fish and chips. shepherd pie? >> oh, that isn't what it is. >> no. >> you love german -- >> i love my german. i don't love german -- twitter is pretty good here. got a lot of stuff coming in sfp. >> what did they say? >> coming up, we're going to head over to the chairs. joe may have some -- >> camel meet? meat? >> no. >> more about food. and just how much money are studios spending to promote their oscars. ken langone, no topic off the table. stay tuned for ken and a lot more. i know what you're thinking... transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business. if your a man with low testosterone, which is...pretty much
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